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Music Is A Time Machine

"I bought a cup of coffee, and ended up with a free vacation."

The very thing that brings all of your senses together is sound.

Think of the greatest film you've ever seen.

While cinematography carries the film, it is the music that stitches it together. The emotion of every cinematic moment stems from the soundtrack alone.

Your emotions are on a rollercoaster ride with every beat per minute. A sudden build up of heavy bass gets your heart racing, your palms sweating, and your tear ducts creating.

I credit my peace of mind to music, for it singlehandedly has turned my average moments into transformative and spectacular memories. I’m currently writing this blog post in a coffee shop that opened not too long ago. With my noise cancelling headphones over my ears, the soundtrack playing alters my reality. Sitting on an incredibly comfortable chair, surrounded by warm-colored pillows, my body is present, yet my mind has taken me elsewhere. Why?

Music is my intangible passport and time machine, taking me forwards and backwards ever so gracefully. This soundtrack alone has carried me to a blissful cabin. I can smell the wood burning by the fireplace, the wind pushing the branches into the front window. Snow covered leaves dangling and holding on for their dear life, reminding me that sometimes there’s a season to let go. How did I even get here?

I bought a cup of coffee, and ended up with a free Vacation.


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