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Quarantine | Cabin In The Woods

We all chase a feeling. Once we experience the high from an emotional or blissful state, we spend our lives looking to encounter it again. Mine is the feeling of surrendering - with people, in nature, a sense of connection without distraction.

The past few months have been brutal for me. I’ve experienced loss, numbness, and felt uninspired to say the least. My grandmother's passing hit me deep in the core. Now we’re experiencing a universal pandemic (COVID-19), forced to isolate.

I decided to disappear from everything and everyone in a little warm safe-haven - away from noise, disconnected from fast internet, reconnecting with a friend and Mother Nature.

That feeling I mentioned earlier, the one I chase, the feeling of surrendering… Well, I didn’t have to chase it. The entire world was forced to surrender, myself included.

Stillness embraced and saved me.

What’s going on in society right now is a little scary, but all I know is that it is mandatory that we disconnect to reconnect.

Do not be afraid to be still. Be present. Never be afraid to surrender to something greater than yourself.

What feeling are you chasing?

Fun Fact! The VoiceOver for this video is me reading a few lines of my diary entry that I wrote the first morning in my cabin in the woods.


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