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Solo Travel: B&B Love Story

There’s a bed that I do not own, but I consider it home. Tucked away below a hill, surrounded by trees, the smell of flowers seeping into the room, it’s my best kept secret.
There’s a breakfast waiting for me each morning when I wake up in time, chatting with Tony at the kitchen table about the complexities and simplicities of life.
The next morning I don’t wake up in time, but a thoughtful treat still awaits outside my door.
There’s a place that I do not own, but I consider it home - no television or bright screens to stare into, just a quiet place filled with serenity.
Fresh fruit and my favorite warm muffins leaving a scent trail that still beautifully haunts me. Nina Simone’s voice shaking the library of books, followed by Tony coming from upstairs to discuss the importance of a smile.
There are places I go to, I own none of them, but I consider them home.

Why do I stay at places like these when I travel? It’s the little things!

For around 35 bucks per day, I often stay at this beautiful bed and breakfast tucked away from the city center. I’ve stayed in around 12 b&bs in the past year and I think more of the world should give them a try. It’s less about the extravagance & more about a feeling. Thank you Expedia and AirBnb for always hooking me up & thank you Babbling Brook for always being the place that I do not own, but still consider to be my home. 💚🌎🏠


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